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5D / HD Ultrasound

Farmington Hills, Michigan

The clearest, most realistic
images before birth.

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Michigan's Only 5D/HD Ultrasound Studio

High Definition 5D / HD ultrasound creates the most realistic images of baby in the womb.

HD ultrasound images bring a new level of detail & clarity that has never been possible before with the old 3D/4D imaging. With incredible skin tone rendering, you can see your baby in realistic, life-like tones. No more bronze colored, fuzzy 3D ultrasound images.

5D / HD ultrasound adds a new dimension with a digital light source. This light can be manipulated & moved around the baby, to create extraordinary image depth.

3D/4D vs HD Live

3D ultrasound studio Michigan 3D 4D Baby Ultrasound3D ultrasound Michigan 4D HD baby ultrasound

An Incredible
Bonding Experience

See your baby with realistic HD imaging.