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HD ultrasound brings a whole new level of clarity that has never been possible with 3D/4D. With realistic skin tones & a moveable light to "light up" the baby, the difference will amaze you.

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3D & 4D

Get to know your little one as you watch them yawn, smile, wave & stretch. 3D/4D ultrasound renders the surface of your baby's face, so you can see what they look like and watch them move.

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Are you having a boy or girl? Let's find out! We offer 2D and HD gender determination packages starting as early as 15 weeks.

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Starting as early as 8 weeks, we can show you little sneak peeks of your new bundle of joy. You can see & hear your baby's heartbeat, and even record the sound to cherish forever.

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3D/4D vs HD Ultrasound


HD Ultrasound Michigan

Michigan’s first & only HD Ultrasound Studio
High Definition HD ultrasound is the latest technology in the industry- producing the most realistic, clear & detailed baby images possible.

HD ultrasound images bring a new level of clarity that has never been seen before with the old 3D/4D imaging. With amazing HD skin tone rendering, you will see your baby in realistic, life-like tones. No more bronze colored, fuzzy 3D ultrasound images!

HD ultrasound images have incredible depth, which is created by an on-screen “digital light source”. This “light” can be positioned and moved around the baby, to create shadows and highlights, producing extraordinary levels of detail.

HD ultrasound uses the same safe sound waves as 2D/3D/4D ultrasound. All the magic happens in the digital software on our ultrasound machine during post processing, as it renders your baby’s image on the screen.

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See your baby with realistic HD imaging.