Early Gender Ultrasound |

Early Gender Ultrasound

Girl or Boy?

We can determine your baby's gender as early as 15 weeks!

You can bring your whole family, or make this a special event just for mom and dad.

2D Early Gender
15-20 Weeks Only
10-15 Min
2D Only
Gender Determination
(8) Wallet Prints
Free Rescan if Gender Can't Be Seen
Twins +$50
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Package Add-On's:

  • Additional Sheet of Glossy Prints $10
  • CD of Images $15
  • DVD Video of Recorded Session $20
  • Heartbeat Recorder $15
  • Heartbeat Bear w/ Baby's Heartbeat $35

*Must be between 15 - 20 weeks at appointment.

For best results:
* Arrive to your appointment with a full bladder.
* Drink a glass of fruit juice 30 min before your appointment.

What if we can't determine the gender?

In most cases, the gender can be identified at 15 weeks. However certain factors such as: position of the baby/umbilical cord, amount of amniotic fluid, maternal body tissue type or empty bladder can affect the ability to see the gender.
If we're unable to determine gender, we will invite you back the following week at no cost, until we can confirm the gender.

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