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3D Ultrasound FAQ

Office Policies &
Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Policies

3D Baby Boutique is dedicated to providing you with a one-on-one personalized experience. Our policies are in place out of respect for all of our clients and our staff.

Office Hours
We are open by appointment only, and our office hours may vary. Please reserve your appointment by booking online.

Thank you for honoring our 24 hour cancellation policy.

As a courtesy to other clients who may be able to utilize your appointment time, and as a courtesy to your sonographer, please notify us promptly of any scheduling conflicts. All appointment changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a $40 cancellation fee.

Sick Policy
We strive to maintain a healthy environment for all of our expecting clients and families. If you are sick (including a cold, fever, flu etc), are getting over an illness, or have the onset of symptoms of an illness, please call to reschedule your appointment (no cancellation fee).

If you arrive for your appointment with symptoms of an illness, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged a $40 cancellation fee. Please wait until you have been well for at least a week before coming in for an ultrasound.

Late Arrivals
If you are unexpectedly running a few minutes behind, please call (248) 965-9557 and leave a message. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may have to reschedule your appointment due to time constraints.

Early Arrivals
We ask that you please arrive no more than 10 minutes early to your appointment. Our appointments are reserved on a one-on-one basis. We respect your time, and ensure that your appointment will start at your scheduled time. We cannot accommodate walk-ins or early arrivals.

If you arrive earlier than expected and our waiting room is open, please have a seat quietly and we will be with you when it’s time for your appointment.

If the door is locked, we may still be in session with another client, or preparing for your service and cannot answer immediately. Please return just a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Refund/Rescan Policy
There are no refunds on any services rendered.
*Remember, you are paying to see your baby as they are, in real time, and watch baby interact in his/her natural environment, during your appointment.

We guarantee that we will always try our very best to get beautiful images of your baby’s face. However, the outcome can be affected by certain factors beyond our control, (i.e. position of the baby). We make no guarantee that the images will always meet your expectations or look like other images you have seen. If we are unable to obtain any suitable images, we will schedule you for a one-time rescan at no additional cost to you.

Rescans are 10-15 minutes and are scheduled within 14 days, on weekdays only. Rescans are offered at sonographer’s discretion.

**Early Gender Packages (15-20 weeks) only qualify for a rescan when gender cannot be determined.
No rescans will be offered due to baby’s face not being seen. These packages are too limited and the baby is too small to qualify for our rescan policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding our 3D ultrasound & 4D ultrasound services. If you have a question, chances are you will find an answer here! Please read through our office policies and FAQ, then feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

You do not have to bring anything from your doctor’s office. However you must be receiving current prenatal care from a healthcare provider.

To book an appointment, you must provide the name and phone number of your OB/physician.

No. Elective ultrasounds are not medical procedures & are not covered by any insurance.

This is an out-of-pocket expense, due at the start of your appointment.
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover cards. 
We do not accept any type of checks, insurance or HSA/FSA cards. 

Yes. 3D ultrasound uses the same safe sound waves and intensity as the 2D ultrasound your doctor uses.

Ultrasounds are routine, normal procedures used in all pregnancies throughout the United States.

The ultrasound transducer emits sound waves into the body, then listens for the return echo as it bounces back, to generate an image from the data. 

Yes, all services are by appointment only. We do not accept walk-ins. However, we offer convenient online booking that is available 24 hours a day, so you can book your appointment at any time, even when our office is closed. 

We offer gender determination as early as 15 weeks.

In most cases, the gender can be identified at this time. We can’t however guarantee that your baby will cooperate during your ultrasound. Certain factors, such as fetal position, developmental age, & maternal body tissue content can affect the ability to identify the gender.

If we are unable to determine the gender, then you may come back the following week, at no cost, until we can confirm your baby’s gender. At no time during pregnancy can we ever guarantee the gender with 100% accuracy.

In most cases, gender can be determined at the initial visit. However, if we are unable to determine the gender due to your baby’s position, then we will invite you back for a gender rescan the following week, at no additional cost until we can determine gender.

Gender can never be guaranteed 100% at any time during pregnancy, neither by ultrasound nor blood work. However, ultrasound is very accurate in determining gender.

Ultrasound is 95-98% accurate at 15+ weeks when gender cam be seen. We will never guess at gender, we will only tell you when we see it. At no time during pregnancy can we ever guarantee the gender with 100% accuracy.

3D/4D is the older ultrasound technology, which creates the bronze/metallic colored images of your baby’s face.

3D is just a still image – a 3D picture of your baby. 4D adds the dimension of “motion” to the image, and allows you to see your baby move in real-time.

HD goes even further beyond 4D, and creates the most realistic images of baby with incredible clarity and detail. HD renders life-like skin tones instead of the bronze/gold colored images.

HD also adds a digital light source, creating shadows and highlights, adding depth, and showing details that could never be seen before. With HD, you can watch your baby move in real time.

Well, that depends on what you’d like to see! Many mom’s like to come twice during pregnancy to see different stages of development. 

To see development/baby’s movements, 20-25 weeks is a great time. Baby is still small enough to see more of the body on the screen and watch them kick and stretch.

To see baby’s face, the best time is 27-33 weeks. That’s when the facial features are fully developed and the cheeks have filled in with fat. Baby looks more like a newborn at this time.

We promise that we will always get the best images we can. Most of the time we are able to get beautiful, clear images of the baby’s face. However, we don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations for your appointment.

We cannot guarantee specific images, nor can we guarantee that your baby will allow us to get a perfect “full front face” shot. Many babies love to cuddle, and have their hands/feet close to their face. Usually we get baby to uncover the face by trying a few different things. Sometimes however, baby will not cooperate for us. Remember with ultrasound, you get to see your baby interacting with his/her natural environment. If baby is sucking his thumb, or rubbing her eye, your pictures will reflect that. Sometimes we may only be able to get great pictures of 1/2 the face, 3/4 of the face, or the profile depending on your baby’s position. All the images in our gallery are examples of images taken at our office. 

Every baby scans differently, depending on the fetal position, gestational age, placental location, amount of amniotic fluid & maternal body tissue. If we are unable to obtain ANY acceptable pictures during your ultrasound, we will invite you back for a one-time rescan, free of charge, within 1-2 weeks.

The single most important thing you can do prior to your appointment is to drink lots of water!

If you want clear images, it is absolutely imperative that you drink the recommended 64-80 ounces of water every day in the days and weeks leading up to your appointment. This will ensure that your amniotic fluid is nice and clear, and there will be more fluid in front of the baby’s face. If there is not adequate fluid between baby’s face and the placenta/uterine wall, we will NOT be able to see the face clearly. 

Another thing we recommend is to drink a glass of fruit juice about 30 minutes before your appointment, to get baby moving. Also bring some fruit juice with you in case you need to drink more.

** If you are under 20 weeks, you must arrive with a full bladder. If you don’t do this, we may not be able to get clear images or see your baby’s gender.

Family and friends are always welcome!

We can comfortably seat up to about 6-8 guests. If you want to bring more guests, our room is large enough to accommodate them if they want to stand and watch.

Children are welcome. However we recommend that another adult be present if you are bringing young children, so that you can fully enjoy your ultrasound without distractions.

No. Those measurements are taken as part of a diagnostic medical ultrasound at your doctor’s office, where they will measure baby, assess fetal well being, growth & development, and scan for any abnormalities.

Elective ultrasounds are purely for entertainment/keepsake & bonding purposes & are never a replacement for a diagnostic medical ultrasound. Although the ultrasound will be performed by an RDMS sonographer qualified to perform these services, we will not take any measurements nor will we obtain any diagnostic images.

We will confirm the presence of a heartbeat, but we will not provide any assessment of fetal well being.

No, we will not contact your doctor prior to your appointment. You do not need to bring a script or doctor’s note.

While we are not looking for any problems during your ultrasound, if we were to see something concerning, we would contact your doctor to let them know.

Depending on the package you choose, your ultrasound will take between 5-35 minutes. However, plan on spending about 30 minutes to 1 hour at our office so we can send you home with memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

We will need some time after your ultrasound for printing pictures and creating any CD/DVDs. We may also need to have you walk around & stretch for a few minutes during the appointment, to try to get the baby moving/in a better position.