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Elective Prenatal 3D Ultrasound

Early Gender Determination Starting at 14 Weeks!

Your Reservation

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. When you arrive, our ultrasound suite is ready for you, the gel is warm & you won't have to sit in a busy waiting room! After your appointment, you get to take all your prints, CD, DVD & precious keepsakes home with you that same day.

ARDMS Sonographers

All ultrasounds are performed by a qualified, board registered ARDMS sonographer, experienced in 3D ultrasound techniques. We were the first to bring the latest 5D/HD ultrasound technology to Michigan, and we make sure you always get the best images possible!

High Quality 3D Ultrasounds

We take pride in providing the highest quality 3D ultrasounds and keepsake memorabilia. This is a once in a lifetime moment that you will treasure forever! Our 3D ultrasounds come with full color images, printed on high quality glossy photo paper, ready for your photo album. We never give thermal prints from the ultrasound machine, like your doctor's office.

Family and Friends Welcome

This is an incredible bonding experience that your whole family can enjoy together. We encourage you to bring your loved ones with you to share the excitement of your ultrasound appointment. We can comfortably seat up to 10 of your guests in our ultrasound suite. Children are always welcome at our family-friendly facility.

What's the difference between 3D ultrasound, 4D & 5D/HD ultrasound?

A 3D ultrasound is a single, still image that shows the details of your baby's face. 3D ultrasound shows your baby in a bronze colored / sepia hue. 4D ultrasound is that same 3D image of your baby, only it allows you to watch your baby move in real-time. 4D ultrasound is like watching a movie clip of your baby, as opposed to a still photo with 3D ultrasound.

5D / HD ultrasound is the newest, most advanced ultrasound technology in the industry. It is a much better version of the old 3D/4D technology. HD ultrasound brings a new level of detail & clarity that has never been possible before with the old 3D/4D imaging. 5D/HD utilizes extraordinary image rendering technology to create amazingly realistic images of your baby. HD ultrasound shows your baby in true to life skin tones, and features a "digital flashlight" that can be moved around to enhance the image and create the best lighting possible. HD provides the clearest, most realistic view of baby before birth.

Our 3D Ultrasound Studio

What Our Clients Say

  • Jaime W.
    Christina took a last minute appointment for my sister and I when another place bailed on us two days before our gender reveal party. She was so unbelievably nice and we were so grateful she was able to squeeze us in. The office is adorable and Christina was beyond patient with our less-than-cooperative babies. Thank you so much!!!
    Jaime W.
  • Renee G.
    Christina was very nice, sweet and professional! The atmosphere is comfortable and Christina also made the experience comfortable. Our images, video and stuffed animal with the baby’s heart beat all turned out great. I definitely recommend Christina.
    Renee G.
  • Nicole C.
    I recently went here to find out the gender of my 4th baby and I had the best experience. I only got the 2D because I plan on going back to see his little face in the near future! The ultrasound tech was so sweet and calm. My son is very active and she worked around all his movements and made sure I got to see every angle of the cuteness! I’ll definitely be going back very soon to see his face! Thank you so much!!
    Nicole C.
  • Autumn H.
    This place is amazing. Christina is super fun and does a wonderful job! The technology is awesome and the environment is warm and cozy. I recommend this as a great gift for a family member or close friend. I notice that she offers gift cards as well!
    Autumn H.
  • Amanda C.
    So personal and the girl who did my scan was so polite and careful not to slip up on the gender as I didn't want to know right away! Great experience. Highly reccomend!
    Amanda C.
  • Katarzyna K
    Very nice ultrasound tech, comfortable environment.
    Katarzyna K
  • Kimberly S
    The technician really took her time to explain to us what we were seeing and seemed to be very careful in determining the gender.
    Kimberly S
  • Alicia B.
    The images were very clear and the setting was cute and relaxing
    Alicia B.
  • Sara B.
    Such an awesome way to see your little one! Very professional and through tech who made sure she got everything we wanted to see.
    Sara B.
  • I loved my experience and got such great pictures of my baby and I loved that I got the opportunity to get my baby's heart beat recorded
  • Sarah M.
    Scheduling online is super easy, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff.
    Sarah M.
  • Natalie B.
    It’s a very cute and comfortable place. Christina was amazing and very patient. When we couldn’t get a clear view of baby’s face at the first scan, she let me come back for a rescan and we were able to get better results.
    Natalie B.
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Early Gender Determination

Want to know if you're having a boy or a girl?. We can determine gender at just 14 weeks!
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Heartbeat Animals

Record your baby's heartbeat in a keepsake stuffed animal.
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Due Date Calculator

Use our due date calculator to find the best date for your 3D ultrasound.