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Online booking is the best & quickest way to schedule an appointment and view all available time slots.

If scheduling by phone, please have the following info:
•  Expecting mother’s full name, phone & email
•  Expected due date
•  Name of current OB/Midwife
•  Credit/debit card to reserve the appointment

A credit/debit card is required in order to book an appointment. We have a 48 hour cancellation & rescheduling policy, as well as a $50 no-show fee.

3d ultrasound heartbeat bears
Early Peek/2D Heartbeat
8 Weeks – 12 Weeks

• 5-10 min 2D ultrasound

• See baby’s heartbeat

• Hear heartbeat (10 weeks+)

• 2 B&W printed photos

✓ $20 off Gender Determination

*Bonus Gift: Free Heartbeat Recorder
Your baby’s precious heartbeat recorded into a heart shaped sound module
*Must be at least 10 weeks. As supplies last.

Does not qualify for free rescan
Gender Determination
14 Weeks – 20 Weeks

• 10-15 min 2D ultrasound

• Gender determination

• Listen to baby’s heartbeat

• 2 B&W printed photos

• Keepsake double photo folder

✓ Free rescan if gender cannot be seen

✓ $20 off your next 5D/HD Ultrasound

+ Upgrade to 5D/HDlive for only $30

TWINS +$50
5D/HD 30 Minutes
Perfect amount of time to enjoy baby & get the best face pictures
18 Weeks – 35 Weeks

• 30 min 3D/4D/5D/HD ultrasound

• Gender determination (optional)

• Listen to baby’s heartbeat

• 8 color printed photos

• Keepsake double photo folder

• DVD video of recorded scan

• CD of pictures to print/share

✓ Free rescan if face can’t be seen at all

✓ $35 off your next 5D/HD Ultrasound

TWINS +$50
Late Peek/Position Check
36 Weeks+

• 5 min 2D ultrasound

• Listen to baby’s heartbeat

• Explanation of baby’s position: breech, cephalic (head down) or transverse

• Check to see if baby has hair

• 1 black & white photo of baby’s position for your OB or Midwife

Does not qualify for free rescan


Keepsakes & gender reveal items are available to purchase as an add-on to any package at the time of service.

3d ultrasound packages & cost

Keepsake Items

  • Large Heartbeat Animal - $35
  • DVD Video of Scan - $35
  • CD of All Pictures - $25
  • Heartbeat Recorder - $15
  • 4 Extra Prints - $15


Gender Reveal Items

  • 18" Powder Cannon - $22
  • 18" Confetti & Streamers Cannon - $18
  • 12" Confetti Cannon - $14
  • Gender Reveal Box w/ Pink or Blue Heartbeat Bear - $40

3d ultrasound tips drink water

Rescan Policy

If you are at least 14 weeks at the time of your appointment & we cannot determine gender, you may return the following week for a free rescan until we determine gender.

There will be no free rescan offered to any individual who schedules their gender scan prior to 14 weeks gestation.

If baby is uncooperative & we can't obtain any face pictures, you may return for a one-time free rescan within 14 days .

All rescans will be a 10 minute scan. Rescans are available on weekdays only & must be scheduled within 14 days of the initial appointment.

This really depends on what you’d like to see. Many moms like to have more than one 3D ultrasound to see baby at different stages.
14-20 Weeks: Great time to find out the gender.
20-26 Weeks: This is a fun time for 4D ultrasound video. Baby is very active & small enough to see most of their body at once. If baby is awake, you'll watch him/her kick, wave, grab feet, etc! However, baby will likely be breech which is not ideal for 3D/4D face pictures.
27-33 Weeks: This is the best time to get the close-up, detailed pictures of your baby's face in 3D/4D/HD. Generally by this time baby is head down, which is ideal. Baby looks more like a newborn & the cheeks have filled in nicely with fat.

Yes, family and friends are always welcome! We encourage you to bring them to your ultrasound if you’d like. We can comfortably seat up to 10 of your guests in our spacious ultrasound suite. Children are welcome, however, another adult must accompany you & tend to them.

No. Elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound services are not covered by insurance.

Sorry, we can not hold any appointments without a valid credit/debit card. The card is not charged for the appointment, it is only placed on file to reserve your appointment.

We have a 48 hour cancellation & rescheduling policy, as well as a $50 No-Show fee. Your card would only be charged in the event of a No-Show or a cancellation with less than 48 hour notice.

Usually yes, you will get great pictures,  but not always. There are many factors that can affect the results. Every baby scans differently, depending on gestational age, position, baby's activity level, placenta, mother's body type & amount of amniotic fluid.

Our goal is to get the best possible images of your baby. We use the most advanced technology available, and we are very good at getting the best images and angles. We do reserve a little extra time for your session, in case you need to walk around & try to get baby moving. If we are unable to obtain any acceptable pictures during your scan, we will bring you back for a one-time rescan, free of charge, within 1-2 weeks.

Drink plenty of water for several days/weeks before your appointment to help ensure an adequate amount of clear amniotic fluid. The clarity of your images is determined by your hydration and the amount of fluid around baby's face.

For the best results, drink a large glass of cold apple juice 30 minutes before your scan to ensure baby is awake and active.

No. We cannot provide any info on the health, growth, or well being of your baby. Those measurements are obtained during a diagnostic medical ultrasound at your doctor’s office, where they will measure baby, assess growth/development and scan for any abnormalities. Our services are purely for entertainment, keepsake & bonding purposes. They are never a replacement for a diagnostic medical ultrasound.